Aims and Objectives

The specific objectives of the Center are:

  • To provide sustainable support for the integration of higher engineering education with its energy related research activities;
  • To assist in building the national capability in different aspects of the energy sector;
  • To increase the capability of technical and managerial personnel involved in the energy sector and assist in its effective utilization and mobilization;
  • To conduct relevant training programmes in required field relating to the energy sector;
  • To establish relations with foreign Universities and other related institutions for achieving the objectives of the center;
  • To carry out research and development studies related to energy matters

ERC aims to build strong relations with other Universities / Institutions abroad, International / National Non-Governmental Organizations, Government and Private Agencies, Energy Entrepreneurs and Professionals and this opportunity is being used to bring all the stakeholders together from academic research to field level activities for the sustainable development of Renewable Energy Technologies. In this regard, ERC aims to bring together all concerned organizations and individuals to work together in the educational field to achieve common objective for the welfare of the people of this country.

    The deliverable of the Centre will include:

  • Bringing out research findings and sharing the same with all the stake holders.
  • Based on its research findings making recommendations for policy makers to cut energy losses by improving energy efficiency and promoting energy conservation.
  • Developing a website to share the latest development and best global practices in energy generation, distribution, conservation and efficiency.
  • Undertaking consultancy work in public and private sector entities to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Collaboration and joint research projects with other national, regional and global energy research institutions.
  • Undertaking education and awareness campaigns in energy related areas by organising conferences, seminars etc.
  • Organising workshops and training programmes for various industries to help them resolve their energy related issues.
  • Bringing out quarterly publication and research papers on energy related issues.