About CPD

In a rapidly changing world where legislative, social and economic developments directly affect the environment in which we live and work, and where technological advancements provide radically different ways of working, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provides a means whereby we can keep abreast of these changes, broaden our skills and be more effective in our professional work.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the means by which members of professional bodies maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills for developing personal qualities required in their professional lives.

Pakistan Engineering Council under its Act has mandate for introducing and ensuring continued professional development activities amongst its growing community of engineers and has devised a comprehensive framework titled Professional Development of Engineers (Bye Laws 2008) approved by the Government of Pakistan.

The main objective is to develop competence and ability of engineers for the application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations and to evolve innovative solutions to real life problems while adhering to professional ethics and acquisition of a broader understating of their obligations to society.

Role of CIIT

Pakistan Engineering Council(PEC) has outsourced the responsibility of CPD activities to professional institutions and associations, CPD academies, engineering universities or colleges and private institutions registered by PEC. All these institutions and other bodies shall be known as Professional Engineering Bodies(PEBs) in terms of clause (xxiv) of Section 2 of the PEC Act.

The registration of PEBs is based on assessment/review ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in terms of standards, functioning, efficient management system, an effective self-assessment process, and trained and experienced manpower to achieve the purpose of professional development.The Council shall ensure that the responisibilities outsourced to these bodies are carried out in a fair, equitable and responsible manner without any profit motives.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is registered Professional Engineering Body (PEB) under license no. PEB-P-CIITLH-0012 with aim to impart effective CPD to Engieers of relevant field, thereby playing a pivotal role in mentoring the engineerin profession.

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CPD Bye Laws

CPD Guidelines Manual