Punjab Youth Festival-2014

Sports have already been identified as an important strategy to help young people in developing lifelong learning skills like discipline, competence, professionalism, and courtesy. Young people are able to build up their character while developing high levels of camaraderie. Sports also act as a way to deter young people from engaging in anti-social activities. Providing public sports facilities at grassroots levels is an important initiative taken by the Punjab government to promote sports among the young people of the province.

Punjab Youth Festivalis a sports festival held annually in Punjab. This Festival is providing the best facilities for all people in Pakistan, regardless of their age or gender, to prove themselves in their field. Punjab Youth Festival 2014 (With the Spirit of a Lion Heart, Dare to Achieve Your Desired destination) is going to start from 09th February 2014 and will continue till 16th February 2014 in different cities of Lahore. Punjab Youth Festival has been a glaring success as it is the first type of national sport event that is conducted at a multi-tier level: village and union council.This festival has rejuvenated the sports culture in Pakistan. It has proven that Pakistani youth, if given discipline and support, would be able to develop their talents in an efficient manner.The participation of young people is a positive achievement as it helps to improve the image and reputation of the country. It also helps to create the image that the country has peace loving citizens. It is a model that can be replicated in other areas of Pakistan. The event has also been appreciated for receiving strong support from organizers. This has been made possible through the development of a collaborative strategy in which the government was actively involved with the private sponsors and participants.

COMSATS Lahore has always agreed to participate in such events with view to providing a platform to students to show their abilities and potentials. CIIT is participating different events of Punjab Youth Festival 2014:

World’s Largest Anthem (Feb 19, 2014)

In opening ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival 2012, 42,813 participants sang the National Anthem. It was later included in the Guinness World Record for its largest numberof participants singing an anthem live. The previous record had been held by India, in which fifteen thousand people had participated in an anthem singing. In Punjab Youth Festival 2014, over 70,000 participants will be singing the national anthem.

Science & Technology Exhibition-Expo Lahore (Feb 26 to March 2, 2014)

Events held under Punjab International IT Exhibitions and Competitions and Punjab International Science& Technology Exhibitions and Competitions are the most comprehensive events to be orchestrated within the Punjab Youth Festival 2014. Event modules include all pivotal categories of the engineering domain. Competitions of each category are designed for participants to flex their creative and technical abilities.

Web link http://www.sportsportal.punjab.gov.pk/