Dual Degree Programme

What is a Dual Degree Programme?

Dual Degree Programme is a very popular concept of the modern times. A Dual Degree Programme (DDP) brings to its students two multiple, internationally high ranked, degrees from different universities located mostly in two countries. The students of DDP study at one of the partner institutes and fulfill the requirements of the two degrees simultaneously.

Thus a dual degree gives its students exposure to an international curriculum and at the same time wins more chances of global employability for its graduates. Moreover, students earn international degrees without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Why a Dual Degree Programme?

  • The students have advantage of gaining qualifications from more than one country.
  • The students enrolled in DDP get two degrees without having to spend twice the time and effort that normally is consumed in completing the requirements of two degrees separately.
  • The DDP graduates get an alternate path to their professional careers as well as admissions in the higher degree programs.
  • The students earn two degrees and in a cost-effective manner by paying only a fraction of cost involved in obtaining both the degrees separately.