Center for Statistical Consultancy and Training (CSCT)

The Department of Statistics at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Lahore Campus is proud to establish the Center for Statistical Consulting and Training (CSCT) under the supervision of highly qualified experts. The CSCT is designed to capacitate individuals from industry, business, education, medicine and banking in making appropriate and prompt decisions.


CSCT is committed to serve as a hub of research facilitation, skill development and knowledge sharing to make statistics accessible and operative for the practical problems. We offer cost effective consultancy and training in statistics, data set up, quality and productivity management to the clients.

CSCT helps in

  1. Research - providing high quality and effective statistical assistance to the faculty members and scholars in research projects, dissertations, journal articles etc.
  2. Training and Workshops - educating the use of statistical softwares, selection of appropriate tools, interpretation of the results as well as data analysis.
  3. Preparation of Research Grant Proposal - providing assistance to the researchers in preparing research grant proposal.
  4. Collaboration - Promoting collaborative research among statisticians, multinational companies, NGOs and other disciplines.